Guilds Lake, 1921

This photograph comes from a collection of records relating the Balch Gulch Trunk Sewer System construction. In this photograph you see many of the men at work as well as the mixer out at Guilds Lake.


Balch Gulch Trunk Sewer mixer in operation at Guilds Lake, Sept. 9, 1921: A2001-008.4

Balch Gulch Trunk Sewer mixer in operation at Guilds Lake, Sept. 9, 1921: A2001-008.4


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3 thoughts on “Guilds Lake, 1921

  1. In an attempt to explain what is going on here I would offer this. Basically the work being performed has as it’s objective the mixing and delivery of wet concrete to the project, The major piece of equipment here is a mobile mixer. Believe it or not this is a huge labor saving device with out which concrete construction on this scale is not practical.
    Concrete requires 4 raw materials. Dry cement, in those days shipped in reusable fabric bags, That is the purpose of the chute down the hillside. There is a refundable deposit on the reusable bags. The tarp we see piled up below the mixer is protection against the weather and at the end of the day the cement bags full and empty will be covered with the tarp. The next two materials needed are aggregate in the form of river run rock in suitable size and sand, These have been delivered at either side of the chute by a dump truck, not shown here, aided gravity. The last component is water delivered to the mixer in the volumes needed likely by some combination of pipe and hose from a nearby hydrant.
    The mixer has been towed to the site on metal wheels. It is powered by a small gasoline or distillate burning engine that is out of sight in the photo mounted behind the drum. The machine features a premix pan in which the sand, gravel and cement can be measured in the correct proportions and then the pan can be raised by the machine it self sliding the dry mix into the mouth of the mixing barrel. The operator will add water to the by now turning drum in the amount needed to obtain the desired consistency. The drum has blades inside mounted at angles to form a Archimedes principle screw that will preform the actual mixing as long as the exit gate is closed. When the gate is opened the product aided by the screw arrangement will discharge as we see here into a purpose designed for pouring cart. The discharge is being aided by the workman with the shovel.
    All this is supported on temporary trestle work aided by copious amounts of cribbing,
    In just few years this mixer will begin to be made obsolete by the invention of the Wagner Brothers Mixermobile, the transit mix delivery system pioneered right here in Portland Oregon

    Cement mixer, putty, putty .

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