E Burnside Street, 1932

This image was taken from the east side of the Burnside Bridge, looking east. Both building on the right are still standing.


Eastside of Burnside Bridge, Jan. 4,1932: A2004-001.622

Eastside of Burnside Bridge, Jan. 4, 1932: A2004-001.622


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17 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1932

  1. I remember the old Baloney Joe’s building on the right. I always liked the arches. This is unrelated… but on CL this morning the church at 1438 SW 10th is for sale. One of its “potential opportunities…redevelop”. We all know what that means. Just an FYI, so it is out there.

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  3. “redevelopment” Cram 3 times as many people in 1\2 the space and charge 5 times as much all the while laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. And driving up East Burnside to the intersection of 12th, Sandy and Burnside, I still look to my right and think of the Tic-ToK…(Time To Eat!)…it’s kinda hard NOT to…cause it’s still locked away in my memory banks! (I know…it wasn’t built until ’38, but still…I still get hungry, just thinkin’ about the ol’ place!)


  5. How did the streetcars load and unload passengers when their rails were in the middle of the street?

    Could we have put our new streetcars in the middle lanes to minimize the conflict between the rails and bicycles riding along the right edge of the street?

  6. Jim Kahn, I used to go to Scotty’s across from the Tic-Tok. I would get the “49er”. A burger, fries & shake for 49 cents.

  7. Elliot… They had tunnels underneath Burnside that allowed people to access the streetcar via stairways in the middle of the street!

  8. There were subway tunnels under NE Broadway & I think N. Larabee that led under the streets to the Memorial Coliseum & Broadway Bridge. Reeked of urine. I don’t know if they are still there.

  9. Streetcar stops with tunnels and stairs would have to be over engineered to meet ADA these days. Probably need elevators.

  10. Boloney Joe’s was actually in a building that no longer stands. It was on the north side of the bridge on the approach where there is now grass and the Couch st. on-ramp. The building’s address was 313 E. Burnside and was torn down in 2008 to make way for the Burnside and Couch realignment (Burnside used to be two way). The business, that most long-time residents will remember, that occupied the building long before Baloney Joe’s was Don Wunn Music. The music store was there from the 1960’s through most of the 1970’s (Mr. Wunn had moved his business in the 60’s from downtown). After it closed, the spot was vacant for some time before the eponymous Baloney Joe’s appeared.

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