10 thoughts on “Traffic Sign Shop, circa 1955

  1. I wish someone would explain what this process is … making a stencil or a pattern to make metal signs? temporary paper signs — I expected to see some kind of press and to see comments about the work; I’m union and proud of it. I see nothing to sneer at in the work that these people are doing, nor the work people do for us now.

  2. Janet, they are screen printing the sign. I do the same kind of work in my business. I do have to say, I don’t know why it takes two people to hold an ink can.. 🙂 My guess is that this is a staged shot.

  3. Unfortunately this picture seems to have triggered political rather than historical responses. I think most of us can agree that (a) this doesn’t look like a 3-person job and (b) we prefer pictures primarily about the history of our streets and neighborhoods over pictures about the history of our civil servants.

  4. Some people have so much spewing hatred that even this obviously staged photo is an outlet for them to spew their small minded petty crap.

  5. Thanks, Mike, I thought it looked like screen printing, but didn’t realize it was a process used in making street signs…. Doesn’t the weather make the ink fade?

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