Fire Crew, circa 1910

A couple days ago we saw a full view of Fire Station 19, but today we get a closer view of the building, along with a horse drawn engine and crew outside of the station.


Crew and horse drawn apparatus pose outside station, circa 1910: A2001-083

Crew and horse drawn engine outside station, circa 1910: A2001-083


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6 thoughts on “Fire Crew, circa 1910

  1. Does anyone know anything about the grooved concrete street? It seems unusual and that street isn’t that steep. Maybe it was only in front of the station for good traction out of the doors?.

  2. If that steam boiler ran low on fuel would they chop up and burn part of the house they are trying to extinguish ? I see no place to carry fuel. What part of the fire station was the stable where the horses were kept ? Neighborhoods had livery stables that boarded people horses but those could be blocks away. Not really suitable for a fire station.

  3. grooved pavement is likely bricks or block, not concrete. horses were kept inside… you don’t want to fetch a team from down the block when the alarm goes! the belmont fire station is now a museum, and you can see what the inside of a station of that era looks like, hose-drying tower and all.

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