Station 19, 1913

Fire Station 19, located at 6049 SE Stark Street. This image was taken in 1913 when the address was 1597 SE Stark Street.


Full view of station exterior with crew, 1913: A2001-083

Full view of station exterior with crew, 1913: A2001-083


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16 thoughts on “Station 19, 1913

  1. All the cool stuff is gone: the widow’s walk, the staircase windows, the dormer, the top turret, all the front windows, planter boxes, transom windows, all the molding around the windows, etc. Replaced with cheap siding and windows. I’ve seen places “remuddled”, but this is really sad because we know what it used to look like.

  2. There is a vast difference between remodeling and restoring…what a pity that those who “remodel” old buildings do not have the same vision as those who “restore” old buildings. Restoration is an honor, paid to those who originally designed a structure…whereas, in some cases, remodeling is simply a faster, easier and cheaper way to “get the job done” and not be bothered with such petty details, like design and aesthetic value. Money does not always have to dictate the end result…it just takes someone with a little talent and imagination to achieve the end result. Think of it this way…how would you feel if someone decided to “remodel” the Pittock Mansion with vinyl siding and aluminum windows?

    Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

  3. Great comment Jim! Unfortunately besides money, its the times that seem to dictate restoration, as earlier attitudes of what should be restored or razed are the result of any current trend. What was honored in the 1890’s was generally despised in the mid 20th century. What been built in the last 30-50 years (i.e. Urban renewal, Urban Freeways, our Portland Building…) standing the restoration barometer in the future is hard to predict. I think this is part of what makes the photo archives and this site so important – to memorialize and recognize the past for a future eye that may see what we don’t see today.

  4. To Mike G:

    Thank you…I appreciate your kind reply!

    Just taking a look at the building today, The Stark Street Station…even some wide window moldings for the second floor windows…something in cream or ivory would make such a difference…even an “vintage looking” sign, centered above or even below those windows on the second floor…something like P.F.D. No. 19…nice “period” lettering in cream or ivory, painted on a rectangular olive sign board…something…and yes…I know…time…but maybe it’s at least “time” to “think” about something like that!

    Again…thank you…and a most Happy New Year!


  5. Station 19 is now right across the street from me at 73rd and E Burnside. I’m so thankful that they are there also, because the apt. next to us caught on fire Friday afternoon and I had to pull a burning mattress out of the neighbors apartment and run over to the station to get them!

  6. Speaking of the Pittock Mansion, the grand-daughter of Henry Pittock died December 2nd. She was 110 years old. Imagine all the history she lived through!

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