13 thoughts on “Union Station, 1913

  1. Can you imagine stepping down off UP’s “City of Portland” and then climbing back up into that stagecoach?

  2. Hmmm…Foster & Kleiser billboards…yes…they opened for business in Portland in 1901…and in 1905, they opened their new office and facility at 5th & NW Everett…

    Mascot Cigarettes? Don’t remember the brand name at all and couldn’t find anything snooping around the internet…

    Lovely old photo…and yes…I was thinking the same thing as Tom Jones mentioned…”Gee…I think I’ll take a stagecoach into town!” (From clickety-clack…clickety-clack…clickety-clack to kilpity-klop…klipity-klop…klipity klop…) 🙂

    Jim Kahn

  3. To Brian and Brian Erts…thanks!

    I know…kinda dumb to worry about some ad/product that’s 101 years old, but it was one of those stupid little things that drives one crazy for a while!

    Jim Kahn

  4. What’s with the posters/bills on the small shack behind the bar/restaurant? Was Lyric a theater? Something something “daughter” something?

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