Park Avenue, 1894

Flood damage at Park and Ankeny, looking north. This photograph was taken June 9, 1894. Previous posts have shown images of the same flood from different angles: Front and Morrison, 1st and Stark, and Ankeny and Park.


Flood on the North Park blocks, 1894: A2004-002.1570

Flood on the North Park blocks, 1894: A2004-002.1570


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3 thoughts on “Park Avenue, 1894

  1. The link to Front and Morrison actually shows Third and Ankeny. The citation in Joseph Gaston’s book is in error. This is quite surprising as Front and Morrison was one of Portland’s most prominent intersections in 1894. The St. Charles and Esmond hotels on that intersection were considered premier hotels of the time (although the Portland Hotel, completed in 1890, was quickly stealing their thunder).

    Also surprising is the fact that Third and Ankeny was part of the North End (as defined at that time). With its numerous saloons, gambling houses and brothels, the North End was considered the shady part of town. Joseph Gaston was intimately familiar with Portland and would have known this.

  2. The three trees in front of the people look like brittle, weak cottonwoods or poplar. But I wonder if the Dutch Elm directly behind the girl on the right. Or the one to the right of the power pole (center). Is the one that still stands on the SE corner of Burnside and Park.

  3. Didn’t realize the flood spread as far inland as it did. I know we’ve all seen the flood pics around the Skidmore Fountain area. But this is about eight blocks west of that.

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