Union Avenue, circa 1931

Yesterday I posted a view of a service station being cut back for the widening of Union Avenue. This is another view of the service station being cut back during another stage of the process.


Exterior view of service station being cut back for the Union Ave widening 1604 NE Martin Luther King Blvd, circa 1931: A2008-001.47


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6 thoughts on “Union Avenue, circa 1931

  1. If you look closely directly above the gentleman with the tie you may observe one of the I’m sure many, “Armstrong power” manual jacks employed in raising and leveling this structure. This short handle”s mechanical advantage could be multiplied by means of a “cheater”, a pipe much longer than the handle slipped over the end of the handle. Some today might be amazed at the work crude devices such we see here can accomplish in the hands of skilled workmen. These guys may look rough and ready but they stand before the evidence of their skills. This humble garage could as easily be The Great Cathedral at Chartres or the Temple at Giza. The skills are pretty much unchanged. Cribbing, scaffolding and mechanical advantage and a good crew.

    Just say’n

  2. “Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.”

    Archimedes (paraphrased) – 287 b.c.e – 212 b.c.e.

  3. I may be wrong, but this building looks like it may be different from the one in yesterday’s post. With the “Richfield” building, it looks as though just the upper part of the facade is being saved. It looks as though much more is being saved and moved for the “Red Crown” building (today’s post). An interesting contrast to the E. Burnside widening of the same time period.

    Rod, I always enjoy your observations. I get the impression that you have had a few callouses on your hands!

  4. Chris,

    Unless there is a typo in the PARC descriptions of these photos, you are correct. Yesterday’s post was 1601 NE MLK, while today’s post is down the street at 1604 NE MLK.

  5. @Chris. Thank you for the kind words. But, while I have done my share of manual labor I have nothing on these worthy fellows.

  6. 1604 NE Martin Luther King is actually across the street, on the east side of King Blvd., just north of Weidler. It also appears to have survived to this day, with the same brick pattern above the window line and above the former drive-through gas station area. It looks like the crew on 1604 jacked up the roof, and moved the King Blvd. wall back and repositioned it, like they were seen doing across the street at 1601. They then wove the bricks back into each other. In today’s building, you can detect a rough joint line in the brickwork visible from Wiedler St.. You can also see that the western portion of the building was open gas station, with a concrete header over the drive-in opening, while the eastern half has brick arches to form the smaller openings into the interior.

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