Station 19, circa 1915

This image of firefighters on motorcycles was taken circa 1915. This photograph comes from a collection of images of Station 19, located at 1597 SE Stark Street, which became 6049 SE Stark after the street renumbering. The gentleman on the left is Edward Boatright, the founder of the Fire Bureau’s Toy and Joy program.


Firefighters on motorcycles, circa 1915: A2001-083

Firefighters on motorcycles, circa 1915: A2001-083


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11 thoughts on “Station 19, circa 1915

  1. Unless I am mistaken those headlights are acetylene burners which accounts for the cylinders mounted on the handlebars behind the lamps. And that would make a accident extra thrilling to say the least.

  2. Here’s a page called “Firefighters Celebrate History and Heritage of E. Portland’s Station 19” from the Portland Fire & Rescue web site:

    The building at 6049 SE Stark is still standing but hasn’t been used as a fire station since 1953. The page has some more old photos from around 1915 as well as some photos from 2010 (when this web page was last updated) when the site was occupied by Cooper’s Coffee House.

    The current business at this address is called Stark Street Station. Here is a street view from August 2014:

  3. Dan W….Thank you!

    Ah, yes…I thought so…across the street from the parking lot of the Tabor Heights Church…and a block away from that funny little jog at 60th & SE Stark…I remember it well! It was always kinda like a half-way point between an old friends house and mine back in the 80’s…

    Thanks again, Dan…now I can put THAT one to sleep!

    Jim 🙂

  4. The building in this photo must be across the street or something? It certainly does not resemble the picture of Station 19 during the same year, displayed in that fire and rescue site.

  5. Adam…sure it does…or didn’t you scroll down far enough? (I thought the same thing when I first saw that brick structure and then I felt kinda stupid…I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see the other pictures! Stupid me!) Okay, a few windows replaced, a couple of dormers no longer there, but it’s the same building…really! You can even plainly see where the garage doors once were. 🙂

  6. Yes, in that fire and rescue website, the pictures are correct. I am talking about the house in this photo, on this website. It is not Station 19. Maybe the people are, but I’m not sure that the building in this photo matches the address listed. Still, great photo!

  7. I think I’m with Adam on this one; I don’t see a resemblance to the structure in this post to the actual old fire station on 60th and Stark. The structure in this post seems way too small and none of the characteristics (roof angle, windows…etc) match up. Hmm…

  8. I just cannot get a sense of “where” this picture was taken. I live just down the street from the old Station 19 and have lived on Mt. Tabor all my life. None of the homes or buidlings in the background are familiar, and there is a mountain of some sort in the background, which may be Mt. Tabor – but way off in the distance. I really don’t think this particular picture was in front of, or near, Station 19.

  9. Adam, Jim Kahn, owlnofeahers, David Stone
    Sharp eyes, I agree, you are all correct. The structure in the photo is not the fire station mentioned in the article. I grew up in this area and still live here and do not recognize the structure.

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