Blow Fly Inn, 1942

The Blow Fly Inn was located at 9101 N Swift Blvd. in 1942 (now Columbia Blvd.) located near the St Johns Landfill and just across the street from a City of Portland incinerator that later housed the City Archives. This image is from July 16, 1942.


Blow Fly Inn 9101 N Swift Blvd., July 16, 1942: A2009-009.3554

Blow Fly Inn 9101 N Swift Blvd., July 16, 1942: A2009-009.3554


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12 thoughts on “Blow Fly Inn, 1942

  1. Can anyone make out what the little sign (looks like neon) above the front sign says?
    And who or what is “Cotton & Iness”? Owners maybe?

  2. I worked swing shift at Oregon Steel Mills in the late 70’s and early 80’s and we would always stop at “The Blowfly” for beer after work! I tried to find info on it lately, but didn’t get much. The old wooden floor inside was wavy and it was always a challenge to keep the pool table and the pinball machines level! Ahhh, the good times had in that place! The steel workers would fight the long shoremen, who would fight the railroaders. Then after it was over, we would all head over to “The Ranger” in St.Johns and really get going!

  3. That extension on the left almost looks like some sort of house trailer fastened on to the building. From the looks of the 1942 picture of the building and extension and surrounding are its a wonder it survived into the early 80’s. And as for the floor, I would think there were several tons of mud brought in on the boots of all of those “after work stop in drinkers”. The mud was probably present 6 months out of the year.

  4. Hey I think some is looking at DMP for good ideas on what city pictures to post here. This was recently posted on Dead Memories Portland

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