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  1. This shows SW Patton Road and is looking east toward the intersection with Shattuck Road. The house at the end of the long drive in the upper center is the Wilcox mansion, probably being used at this time by the Columbia School. The houses to the right are along Thomas and Lowell streets.

    Were those named for the radio announcer, Lowell Thomas?

  2. Indeed, it WAS turned into a private Catholic High School for boys (Columbia Prep) around 1948 and then around 1955, when enrollment declined, the entire 160 acre estate was sold to a land developer who subdivided the land into hundreds of small individual lots, which is now more commonly known as part of the Bridlemile neighborhood. The estate building itself, (The Wilcox Manor) , was bought and sold several times and eventually turned into eight apartments in the very early 60’s, and then…bought and sold and remodeled again in 1965, I believe it is now better known as the Wilcox Estates Condominium Complex.

    Of course, the Wilcox Mansion itself is located just off SW Burnside at SW King and Park Place…one of those beautiful old Whidden & Lewis designs! Oh…and speaking of radios and announcers, …I’d forgotten about the mansion and the radio station…KWJJ. (Just thought I’d throw that in!)

  3. I used to work at that cool old mansion (at KWJJ) back in the 1970s. HUGE house that had tons of boxes stashed in the attic and basement that they were just starting to go through at that time.

  4. The subdivision around the house went by the name Wilcox Estates and was platted in the summer of 1956. Construction on the houses began the following year. Bridlemile is about three-quarters of a mile to the east.

    I grew up nearby in the 1960s and we always called it the Wilcox mansion.

  5. I’ve always wondered about the Tigard/Rogers house. Have driven by it many times over 23 years. It is in very bad shape.

  6. Sharon…

    The Tigard/Rogers house…4504 SW Shattuck Road…(corner of Shattuck & Hamilton). Portland Landmarks lists the house as 1855. The Bridlemile Community page has a black and white photo, as well as more history of the area…take a look-see…just click…scroll down two or three “houses” and you’ll see it…and…if you go a bit further down, you’ll also see the Wilcox Manor! That’s where I got MY information…lots of fun…grab another cookie or two and enjoy yourself!


    I’m just adding to what Mike D. said…it really is worth the visit…like I said…grab another cookie or two and enjoy!

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