5 thoughts on “Portland Industrial Map, 1945

  1. It’s interesting that swan island still shows the airport; wasn’t it a shipyard during WWII? I wonder if they didn’t draw that (or any of the other wartime industrial projects) as a matter of secrecy.

  2. Interestingly, it also shows each individual building on the east side of Front (Naito), although they are overlaid with the yellow highlight designating the area as a major arterial or highway, ergo Harbor Drive. Does anyone know if the demolition of those buildings and the completion of Harbor Drive was finished by 1945?

    It’s odd as well that those doomed buildings appear to be the only individual ones delineated on this map.

    Helpful Hint for viewing the map in high resolution: Go to the e-files link,click on the virtual “paper” next to the records field and either use the handy pdf zoom tool or hit Control/+ to increase the size. The file is of a large enough resolution that you can zoom quite a bit before it gets fuzzy.

  3. it is interesting to me as well that it does not show McLoughlin through inner SE, that was built during the 30s, wasn’t it?

  4. Now when you click on see on Efiles thing it no longer takes to to the picture in Efiles. The new efiles site sucks! Too slow. Bad idea.

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