E Burnside Street, 1932

This image is facing west looking towards the Burnside Bridge, in 1932. The building in in the foreground is still standing on the corner of E Burnside Street and SE 11th Avenue.


Arcaded building at East 11th and East Burnside Street, Jan. 4, 1932 : A2004-001.620

Arcaded building at East 11th and East Burnside Street, Jan. 4, 1932 : A2004-001.620


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9 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, 1932

  1. I used to wonder why a rainy city like Portland didn’t have more covered sidewalks. I like
    this section of E. Burnside.

  2. Ah yes, , ,home of the extremely different Hippo Hardware now.
    I don’t imagine that anybody thought they would have a tennant
    like them in this location!

  3. Currently the home of the great Hippo Hardware – repository of many parts of buildings no longer with us!

    Building across Burnside also still stands.

  4. Not trying to be argumentative(and you may already know this), but the reason this sidewalk is covered has nothing to do with rain. They widened the street, and there was nowhere to put the sidewalk but “inside” the building!

  5. Sometimes, in my haste, I don’t bother reading the headline or the text when I’m visiting this site…just looking at a photo is sufficient…and I’m sure I’m not the only one who suffers from this common symptom!

    In that split-second, I immediately knew the location…as many of you did…it might as well be in a “flash-card” test of Portland!

    What was that old psychology/memory test they used way-back-when? Rogers?

    Anyway, we all have those “pictures”, those “memories” locked away somewhere upstairs and this is one of mine…and thanks, Dan W., for the instant link, showing the location today…how fun to see “then & now” so instantaneously!

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