8 thoughts on “Portland Heights, circa 1915

  1. that house isn’t under ‘remodel’ – it has been destroyed and turned into a modernistic eyesore
    of a box. they left a chimney and a wall standing, so no demolition permit was needed.

    i at least was able to salvage some windows from their dumpster.

  2. Flowers are blooming in foreground, so no fallen leaves to burn. Portland – like most cities of the time – was hazy almost all the time due to wood and coal fires for heating and cooking.

  3. The house at the bottom right of the photo is still there 1687 SW Montgomery Dr. There’s been a garage built in front of it, but the rest is very identifiable: roof line, dormers (one of which has been made into a door and balcony) the chimneys (location and brickwork identical) and the overall style of the house.

    Here’s the street view.

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