Council Crest Park, 1973

This aerial view of the tower that is on top of Council Crest Park also captures the surrounding area. If you look at the top right corner of the photograph you can see the OMSI (currently the Children’s Museum) in the distance and part of the Forestry Center. In the center of the image is the St Thomas More Catholic School and Church.


Aerial above Council Crest looking toward Children's Museum, 1973 : A2012-005

Aerial above Council Crest looking toward Children’s Museum, 1973 : A2012-005


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7 thoughts on “Council Crest Park, 1973

  1. Great photo,
    I always wondered about the brick building at the base of the tower.
    Obvious would be radio equipment/studio,
    But it always looked like it was occupied as a residence too.
    Time marching on, The building has been removed a few years now.

  2. I went to St. Thomas More grade school from 1968-1972. If we were lucky, on nice weather days we would be led on a hike to Council Crest for recess. The convent is the large building directly above the school playground with the staircase leading up to it. All of my siblings went there also, not to mention celebrating a few weddings and funerals. Old stomping grounds… Thanks for the photo!

  3. One summer night in 1971/2 my buds and I were drinking beer at Council Crest park when it was discovered that the entrance to the TV tower was unlocked. I led my crew on the ascent. The first part was a ladder surrounded by a mesh, eventually the mesh terminated and it was just a ladder, surrounded by nothing but an impressive view. One of our crew called it quits at that point, the rest of us continued upward. Eventually we reached the “summit” which was a fenced platform, where the two people are seen. There was the a large antenna structure in the center, which does not appear in the photo. Either the year is wrong, and the photo represents the initial construction, probably in the 60s, or perhaps there was an upgrade 1n 1973, where the existing antenna was removed pending a replacement. Anyway, spectacular views from the top. Too bad it was pre-iphone or I would have documented the event with some photos.

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