Overlook Park, 1935

This image shows the completed fill at Overlook Park near N Interstate Ave. and Beech St. The photograph was taken April 4, 1935. The city acquired the property for the park in 1930. For more information on Overlook Park, click here.


View of Overlook Park fill looking northwest, April 4, 1935 : A2000-025.872

View of Overlook Park fill looking northwest, April 4, 1935 : A2000-025.872


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9 thoughts on “Overlook Park, 1935

  1. We use to get a six pack of beer and then sit behind the Overlook house and watch the men work in the rail yards.

  2. Wonderful photo of Overlook Park. My childhood was in this neighborhood where I delivered The Journal for a number of years. The large house on the left was for many years owned by the Willison family of the Willison Chip Steak Company (plant was on SE Holgate). A bit further down Melrose Drive is the Overlook House, donated to the city by the estate of Elvira Raven, her husband having owned Raven Creamery. I believe that Overlook Park was a “dump” before being filled.

  3. The Park sits over a deep gulch that once connected to Beech Street. The City placed more than 60 feet of garbage fill to level the area.

  4. Didn’t know it was once a dump. That explains the particularly squishy character of the playing field. 2X on the beer drinking…

  5. Lived on melrose dr for 20 plus years my Great grandfather built that house on the far left my grandfather and father and I lived in that house at one time my family had over 100 years residency on that street tons of memories growing up near overlook park.

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