SE Belmont, 1941

This photograph, from February 18, 1941, shows SE Belmont St. at SE 7th Ave. after the widening was completed. Signs for Pacific Machinery & Tool Co., Mann’s Tire Shop, and 619 Café are visible. This image was taken facing west.


SE Belmont Street near 7th Avenue, Feb. 18, 1941 : A2000-025.1254

SE Belmont Street near 7th Avenue, Feb. 18, 1941 : A2000-025.1254


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8 thoughts on “SE Belmont, 1941

  1. At the right you can see the back side of the Oriental Theatre (demolished in 1970) and how its design closely matched that of the adjacent Weatherly Building which is still there at Grand and Morrison, but not in this photo. .

  2. Street view:

    Mann’s Tire Shop and 619 Cafe are long gone and the buildings no longer exist. Today there is only a single building on that block, which is the current home for Oregon Ballet Theater. Prior to that it was a Wells Fargo Bank branch. The Weatherly Building is not visible in the street view because it is obscured by the trees.

    The buildings on the opposite side of Belmont are still intact. The street view photo (taken in July 2011) shows the building at the SW corner of the intersection had a “for sale” sign on it. Today, this building is the home of Avenues Flooring Outlet.

  3. Actually, if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the Weatherly Building looming over the theater to the upper-right of the photo.

  4. Anyone have any idea what that three-wheel convertible vehicle in the center of the picture is? (To make sure we are all talking about the same vehicle, the driver appears to be a man looking towards his right driving away from the photographer.)

  5. I remember those when I was growing up. The ones I remember were used by auto repair and maintenance shops. The guy would ride out to your house to pick up your car. They had some sort of a clamp on bumper hitch to attach the 3 wheel motorcycle to your car that he then drove to the shop, the reverse was done to deliver your car back to you after the work was done.

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