NE Union Avenue and Russell Street, 1929

In this image, a number man is standing outside the building on the corner of NE Union (Martin Luther King Blvd.) and NE Russell. Although it has changed slightly, the building, built in 1909, is still standing. There are several businesses that are visible, including “W. R. Affleck” drug store and East Side X-Ray Laboratory.


NE Union [MLK Blvd] and Russell, 1929 : A2009-009.1041

NE Union [MLK Blvd] and Russell, 1929 : A2009-009.1041

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12 thoughts on “NE Union Avenue and Russell Street, 1929

  1. I thought that most of these buildings were designed for working below and living above. It looks like commerce had taken over the whole building here.

  2. jeepers! through the magic of time travel I could be waving myself a big ‘hello’ from there in the shop window on the left, above the cardboard adverts. what a swell pic! but i’ve been here since 6am and so ready to depart it.

  3. I know this is an older post, I’m just catching up with it.

    The description up top mentions the building changing slightly, and the other linked post from 4/28 shows the dentist office just on the right of this picture and mentions the buildings losing a few feet due to street widening. I think this picture gives a good idea about how much was lost off the front due to the street widening. Comparing the windows on the left and the vent that is above the 3rd window back with today’s street view you can see that the front of the building today is about where the second window back was located. It looks like they lost more than 5 feet from the front of the building. This also matches the fact that the large window left of the corner is mostly gone, and there is just room for a door there now.

    I’m linking to an older street view (April 2009) because in that picture the trees don’t have leaves so you can see the building more easily:

    Another interesting thing about this picture — I think that there is a sign hanging out from the corner of the building on the 2nd story that is perpendicular to the camera so we see only the edge of it. Notice the thick black edge that you can see at the corner on the 2nd story, and notice toward the top left it looks as though you can see a bit of one face of the sign.

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