P&G Pure Food Store, circa 1930

According to the 1930 Polk Directory, P&G Pure Food Store was located at 26 Shaver Street, which became 1324 N Shaver Street after the street renumbering in 1933.


 Interior of D&G Food Store  at 1324 N Shaver, circa 1930 : A2008-001.28

Interior of P&G Food Store at 1324 N Shaver, circa 1930 : A2008-001.28


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6 thoughts on “P&G Pure Food Store, circa 1930

  1. If we could only go back to a simpler time. Think about the fact that less than 100 years after this picture we have Walmart, Winco, Costco et al. Hmm…. Great picture by the way. Love the ice cream cones in the glass container!

  2. It looks like this store was utilizing a transitional business method between handing your shopping list to the clerk so he or she could collect your groceries and today’s self serve method which was first used by Piggly Wiggly markets.

  3. Love this picture. Gives you the ability to go back in time and walk item by item through this guys store. So many products are still available. He’s standing there ready to serve, only 84 years later…

  4. My guess is those ice cream cones were right above the freezer where the storekeeper could scoop you a cone for 2-3 cents. I wonder what the Fire Marshall thought about that cord running from the ceiling light fixture to the ice cream freezer.

  5. Morton’s Salt, Karo Syrup (non GMO!), Grandma’s Cookies, Wheaties, Argo Corn Starch…even LifeBuoy Soap! And check out the bulk bins!

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