E Burnside Street, circa 1934

Looking east on E Burnside Street from SE 22nd Avenue, circa 1934. Some of the houses in this image are still standing today.


E Burnside St. and 22nd Ave. looking east, circa 1934 : A2009-009.699

E Burnside St. and 22nd Ave. looking east, circa 1934 : A2009-009.699


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10 thoughts on “E Burnside Street, circa 1934

  1. Finally a picture showing a house I once rented an apartment in. The fifth house down on the right, now converted to offices.

  2. look at all of those great old porches! I’m glad the trend seems to be bringing back the porch in some of the newer homes being constructed.

  3. The Dresden, the brick apartment building on the left, advertised it was back open after the widening of East Burnside. It was temporarily vacated due to the widening. “Come early and take your choice of these attractive apartments” Oregonian Dec 29, 1930

    “Widening Near” the July 13 1930 issue indicated the “widening of East Burnside from East Twelfth to East Thirty-second streets” could start in just weeks. July 13th

  4. Very unusual to see an Eastside Portland street without overhead wires and poles. How did this stretch of Burnside avoid such blight?

  5. I’m going to venture a guess that the wires and poles were removed during the widening four years before this picture.

  6. Agreed with Kevin. I suspect also that the date of this “ca. 1934” photo is much closer to 1930 as all of the work done on the widening (the concrete retaining walls, the concrete shoulders, sidewalks, parking strips devoid of vegetation etc.) all look brand new. In any event, the overhead power lines along E Burnside, even today, return east of 32nd which coincides with the end of the widening project. I would guess this widening was probably one of the earliest projects that included burying power and phone lines.

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