Sheldon’s Service Station, 1927

Sheldon’s Service Station was located on the corner of SE Clay and 12th Avenue. This photograph was taken looking east towards SE Ladd Avenue, 1927.


Sheldon's Service Station, 1927 : A2009-009.444

Sheldon’s Service Station, 1927 : A2009-009.444


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18 thoughts on “Sheldon’s Service Station, 1927

  1. Strange, the house is still there, but the chimney is gone now.
    And what is with the building now. It looks like a shipping containers bolted together.

  2. Today I get to “remember when”!
    I remember in the late 80’s when this place was a jazz club called Parchman Farm, and there was some great music. I was sad when it changed, and now it looks lonely and run-down. But I never would have guessed the place started as a service station.

  3. I loved Parchman Farms – they had great sandwiches and a wonderful atmosphere… now that it’s all run down, it does look like a gas station again… too bad.

  4. Such a great little station. Love the terra cotta roof. I would love to have a building like this for my projects. I will be taking the “now” picture this winter for placement in my website.

  5. woah, I never knew Ladd’s Inn was a gas station at one time. I wonder if that has anything to do with the bartenders standing in a “pit” while you ordered at the bar? This place closed a couple of years ago and I guess it’s still an empty building? Was kind of sad when it closed as I had some good times there. But it had gotten pretty sad and gross.

  6. JL – If you kinda toggle the street view from the link that Adam provided so that you’re on Clay facing the front of the old Ladd’s Inn(/Sheldon’s Service Station), you can make out some patches to the roofing on the house where the chimney once came through. Given the otherwise decent looking state of the roof, I’d say it might have been a recent removal.

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