Portland Waterfront, circa 1918

Over the years, the Portland waterfront has transformed many times. Here is what the waterfront looked like circa 1918. This view is looking west, towards downtown Portland.


Portland waterfront and downtown looking west, circa 1918 : A2004-002.570

Portland waterfront and downtown looking west, circa 1918 : A2004-002.570


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  1. Joan,

    We can’t see Burnside from this angle. The photo takes in the area roughly between the Hawthorne bridge and old Morrison bridge (Madison to Morrison). It’s likely taken from a lift tower of the Hawthorne, with the Morrison bridge just out of the frame on the right.


    Sections of Water Front Declared to Be in Bad Condition.

    The Barde dock on Front and Main streets and the United States Stables, located in a building at 248 Front street, are recommended for condemnation, and council is urged to take immediate steps to improve Front street, north of the steel bridge in a report submitted to the council by the waterfront committee. The report will be considered by the council Wednesday.”
    The Oregonian August 10th 1919 page 12

    US. Stables condemned; building to be torn down at once; must sell by December 1; 20 good horses and mules, the best money can buy; all young and sound; my guarantee is good. 248 Front.”
    November 16th 1919 page 39


    Dangerous Wharf to Be Replaced by Modern Building
    The Barde dock at the foot of Main street was condemned yesterday by the commission of public docks, upon recommendation of the waterfront survey committee. The property ordered destroyed is 62 by 124 feet in dimensions and owned by M. Barde & Son, who is it is reported, will demolish the structure without protest, with the intention of erecting a modern building in its place.”
    August 20th 1919 page 22

    This photo shows the already demolished US Stables. US Stables was just south of the Barde & Sons building. The soon to be demolished Barde dock, or is that the new modern building under construction? The Barde Dock is at the end of Main street.

    There are a number of articles about the need to tear down the old waterfront, how to use condemnation for the public good. lower fire insurance costs, and make a plan for what follows.

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