R.W. Peterson Grocery, circa 1931

R.W. Peterson Grocery was located at 809 Montana Avenue. After the street renumbering it became 3839 N Montana Avenue. On the right side on the image, you can see the company truck, and there is a large Davidson’s Prized Bread advertisement on the side of the building. The date is circa 1931.


Exterior view of R.W. Peterson Grocery at 3839 N Montana Ave., circa 1931 : A2008-001.22

Exterior view of R.W. Peterson Grocery at 3839 N Montana Ave., circa 1931 : A2008-001.22


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11 thoughts on “R.W. Peterson Grocery, circa 1931

  1. Look at the sign in the upstairs window—”For Rent $17.00.” I wonder if this was torn down for the freeway construction or by Kaiser. I’m guessing the freeway…

  2. In 1931 Campbell’s advertisements offered a choice of 21 varieties of soup at 12 cents a can, and their slogan was “Look For The Red And White Label”.

  3. That was some pretty expensive rent in 1931! My parents bought a tiny little house in the Portsmouth neighborhood in 1939, and their house payment was $18.00.

  4. The truck is parked on N.Failing Street and just beyond the truck is the Polish Library Association Hall. The view in the photo is to the west. The store and southern section of Montana Street are now Kaiser’s parking lot.

  5. The evolution of these places and the people that occupied them is always interesting. Nothing much pops up about R. W. Peterson per se, but Oregonian archives reveal that this locale was a grocery from at least about 1915 through the 1950s. Peterson seemed to own/operate it from ca. 1922 through the early 40s. He built a new house for himself and family on N. Campbell in about 1929. The Montana Ave. building was rented out as “bachelor’s” and “singles” apts. through the early 1970s before it became a parking lot.

  6. I was working at Langendorf bakery when Davidson’s closed in 1973. A few of their guys came over to us. Rest went to Franz.

  7. Filthy street, Dirty sidewalk. Weeds all over. People bathed weekly or monthly. Few used deodorant and most people wore clothing till it really stank. No such thing as a cheap plastic tooth brush so not a lot people were brushing their teeth. The good old days.

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