9 thoughts on “Lincoln High School, circa 1952

  1. Pre-I-405, this area looks to have had much more of a neighborhood feel to it. I lived for several years in an apartment building on 14th that overlooked the freeway. It appears, that at the time of this photo, it overlooked single-family homes across the street.

  2. Nancyann,

    The large roof on the lower left side of the photo belonged to the old 1912 MAC clubhouse.

    The first time I voted in a Portland election, I cast my vote in the Zion Lutheran church at the lower center-right.

  3. The Ione Plaza really stands out.
    “314-Unit Apartment House, Oregon’s Tallest, In Near S.W. Portland Area to Open Monday” it is also the “the largest in terms of living units”, opens on Nov 6th 1951
    Oregonian, Page 28, 11/4/1951

    wow, One bedroom is $80 to $113.50 per month.

  4. This was the year the new Lincoln Hi opened. I was a freshman that first year, 1952-53. We were told there would be a swimming pool in the new school, but it was at full capacity that first year, so there was no room for a pool. I do remember it had a great gymnastics room with a trampoline. I really missed this when I transferred to Cleveland Hi my junior year.

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