Marquam Bridge, 1966

This 1966 photograph shows City Council members standing on the lower deck of the Marquam Bridge. From the left is Mark Grayson, Terry Doyle Schrunk, Ormond Bean, and William Bowes. Can anyone name the Commissioner missing on this occasion?


Council on new Marquam Bridge, Sept. 29, 1966 : A2001-09.389

Council on new Marquam Bridge, Sept. 29, 1966 : A2001-09.389


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21 thoughts on “Marquam Bridge, 1966

  1. It can’t be Frank Ivancie. He was elected in 1966 so he wouldn’t have been on the council until the start of 1967. Further, he was elected to the seat Ormond Bean (seen above) held after Bean didn’t run for another term.

  2. I don’t recall the commissioner, but our family was elated when this opened and we no longer had to fight our way down Harbor Way to Barbur Blvd.

  3. Mike: Maybe they are looking at Division-Powell (Mt Hood freeway) and trying to envision the 8-lane super highway coursing thru the SE neighborhood. The Marquam was built with Mt Hood as the next step.

  4. 14 comments and no modern view?

    William Bowes:”We’ll get rid of Harbor Drive, and build a giant park that’ll be named for governor Tom McCall, after he gets elected next year, because we need a place to hold a Blues Festival every 4th of July and sell both PBR and what will be called ‘microbrewed beer’!”

    Mark Grayson: ” Ooooh, can we have fireworks?! Let’s shoot them off from a barge in the middle of the Willamette River right there. Only we’ll first have to clean up the river from all those combined sewer overflows. I envision a big pipe running under the entire city.”


  5. The Robert Moses link reminds me to one of my favorite maps in Efiles.

    “Map of Portland with a pig overlaying the major freeway/highway proposed routes from Ross Island Bridge to north of the Fremont Bridge.”

  6. They are probably wondering how they ever agreed to allow the ugliest bridge in Oregon to be built. Certainly a blot on the city for a century.

  7. Say what you will about the politics of it, I think it’s darn cool to see this bridge all perfect, shiny and new with no cars on it yet.

  8. Not only is this bridge ugly it is still, even after using it off and on for the last 35 years of my life, it is STILL confusing. You go left to go right and yes take the north ramp to go south. Same for getting on it, left lane takes you right onto I5.

  9. Nancy Ann, If you think the bridge is confusing, you should have been around before it was built. It may not be the prettiest bridge, but it is beautiful, compared to before the I-5 freeway and bridge was completed.

  10. Tony-
    The pig + map preceeded the building of the Memorial Coliseum, yet had most of the freeway system detailed. Do you know what year the map was made?

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