The Whitwood Court Hotel, 1938

The Whitwood Court Hotel was located near the St. Johns Bridge on St. Helens Road, now Highway 30. This image was taken on November 10, 1938.


Whitwood Court Hotel, 1938 : A2009-009.564

Whitwood Court Hotel, 1938 : A2009-009.564


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14 thoughts on “The Whitwood Court Hotel, 1938

  1. The St. Johns Bridge must have changed a lot over the years. Certainly doesn’t LOOK like the St. Helen’s Road side. Could be the St. Johns side around Edison St., like in this map image but the bridge looks much different if so.

  2. My guess is that this location is under that little overpass (NW Bridge Ave) as you take the exit to the west off the St. Johns Bridge. That overpass has the concrete borders like in the photo, while the St. Johns Bridge has metal. The supports underneath this overpass are plain like in the photo, while the St. Johns Bridge has a more decorative design. Here is the turn-out off Hwy 30 under said overpass where I’m guessing this hotel was:

  3. We went around and around about this photo in PH&M, especially since the old PARC caption had the location as adjacent to the Ross Island bridge. Whitwood Court was an early subdivision near Linnton. Nearby were the western landing of the St. Johns ferry and the infamous Claremont Tavern. The Whitwood Court’s roofline is visible in this Benjamin Gifford photo from around 1910.

  4. I agree with Mike D. Here’s the view from Bridge Ave looking towards the camera today: . In addition to his mentions, you can see the lower part of those stairs to the right of the Whitwood. Also, the bridge sections in the photo match up with the pavement joints (looking at the concrete handrail pillars) in street view.

  5. The building is abandoned. There is trash on the floor inside the open door. The door behind the car has the window broken out. The restaurant windows are filthy with tape from posters stuck on them. Power lines are cut.

  6. The name “Paget” on the posters was Lowell C. Paget state rep. who ran for state senator and lost in 1938. Died 1967.

  7. Late to the party here, but the house in the upper right corner with the distinctive curved (?) bargeboards on the gable dormer is still there, too, only behind a lot of vegetation. Now it’s yellow wth blue trim, right above the NW Springville intersection…

  8. Randy, I couldn’t find a structure. Could you include a picture and an exact location and how to reach it?

    And Dave, it looks like you’ve found it also, having seen the old poster. True?

  9. Patrick: If you want to find the location where the Whitwood Court Hotel used to stand, go to the west side of the St John’s Bridge approach. From there, head north down the hill on NW Bridge Way towards Germantown Rd. Just before you get to NW Springville Rd, you will see a concrete staircase on the right (east) side of NW Bridge Way. Walk down this to the bottom and go down to US 30. You will find the old foundation there and you will notice the house under the viaduct is still there too. Parking is not the greatest.

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