Morrison Street, circa 1904

These goats are being trained for use in Alaska during the rush for the Klondike gold fields. This photograph was taken on Morrison Street and comes from a 1904 booklet titled, In and About Portland Oregon.


Training goats on Morrison St., circa 1904 : A2004-002.139

Training goats on Morrison St., circa 1904 : A2004-002.139

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  1. Usually, the upper 1/2 of the window wasn’t draped from the inside allowing the daylight to enter the room (like a skylight). The narrow width limited the exposure to frost/ice and helped keep the cold draft out.

  2. Charles Sumner McDuffee trained goats for the Alaskan goldrush on the streets of Portland. A lengthy Oregonian article dated 3 Feb 1898 has a sketch of the team and the following: “Yesterday the great team was photographed by JH Edwards, 351 Morrison Street, as it was being reviewed by the occupants of Mayor Ponnoyer’s residence…” Would this photo be in front of the Mayor’s residence? If so, possibly the 1904 booklet used an older photo?

  3. Eye catching photo.

    How a Practical Man Proposes to Get 6000 pounds of Freight to Dawson.
    There was a Klondike exhibit on the streets of Portland yesterday which attracted more attention than that the first circus parade which passed before the eyes of Oregon pioneers. Everybody who happened to be on the streets halted to view the spectacle. Busy business men became as much interest over it as did the boys and girls who followed in the wake from block to block”

    “The goat train is listed to sail from Portland February 25th on the steamer City of Topeka. Mr McDuffee he will join his partner J. M. Jackson. at Telegraph creek, where they have their merchandise stored in a cabin.”

    The coats are quartered in a barn on Columbia, between 16th and 17th Street. The place is frequented by numerous squads of curious youngsters.

    Yesterday the goat train was photographed by John Edwards, 351 Morrison Street, as it was being reviewed by the occupants of Mayor Pennoyer’s residence.”
    Thursday February 3rd, 1898, Oregonian page 8

    On Saturday, the 5th, because of all the interest and at the “request of the Oregonian”, there was a parade of 27 goats & a Klondike sled, through the downtown streets. The route starts at the 16th & Columbia The goat team stretched out the length of nearly a block, Oregonian, page 5.

  4. The far left of the image has been painted. The two furthest children to the left, as well as the two furthest left goats and the laundry hanging in the background were painted.


    Photo 7 of 11 shows goats who look much the same as these in the VP photo.

    Although not dated on this Web site, the photo is captioned: Gold prospectors use a team of goats to haul supplies to the gold fields. Once the animals had delivered their loads, they were fattened, slaughtered and eaten. Pack animals were sometimes chosen as much for their meat quality as for their hauling capacity.
    Image Credit: Getty/Hulton AP

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