Morrison Bridge, 1894

In this image is a view of the first Morrison Bridge,looking east during the 1894 flood. The river is sitting at a high level not far from the bridge’s deck.


 Old Morrison St. Bridge, 1894 : A2004-002.695

Old Morrison St. Bridge, 1894 : A2004-002.695


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8 thoughts on “Morrison Bridge, 1894

  1. “Yea, that was a really wet spring. I am the third guy on the right side leaning on the railing. Haven’t seen it this wet since!” (wink, wink)

    Thank goodness for up river dam controls…..

  2. Wonder if there is a picture from about the same vantage point showing the 1948 (Vanport) flood. It would be interesting to compare river levels between the two floods.

  3. I think this photo was taken from the backside of the Esmond Hotel. That stood on the NE corner of Front (Naito) and Morrison.

  4. A quick perusal of Wikipedia yielded this Willamette River flood data.

    1866 — 21 feet above low water mark

    1894 — not as large as 1866, no specific data given

    1964 — 29.4 feet

    1996 — 28.6 feet

  5. Actually, according to the Wikipedia page I saw, the 1861 flood was the largest in Willamette river recorded history, not the 1866 flood. Every account I can find of the 1984 flood estimates the high water mark was over 30 feet (up to 33 feet in most accounts), making it the second largest in recorded history. The 1894 flood was compounded by the fact that the Columbia was undergoing major flooding at the same time.

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