Guilds Lake Clean Up, 1944

In this image we see children and recreation directors gathered with garbage cans and bundles of paper for Guilds Lake Clean Up week. This photograph was taken on July 28, 1944 as a part of the Housing Authority of Portland series of photos documenting life in the various housing units.


Guilds Lake housing clean up, circa 1944 : A2001-025.227

Guilds Lake housing clean up, 1944 : A2001-025.227


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7 thoughts on “Guilds Lake Clean Up, 1944

  1. This was before my age, but looking at the faces, I can see that of all the characters in all of my classrooms….shy, bright, troublemaker, teacher’s pet, rascal, goody two shoes, future rascals…etc The year doesn’t make a difference to kids.

  2. Four years later I helped clean up after the total destruction by flood. I understand this was the second largest population of any city in Oregon, gone in minutes.

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