The Number Man, 1930

The number man is standing close to the Harbor Wall near Davis St., with the Steel Bridge in the background to the north. The structures on the left side of the image are on Front Ave.


Steel Bridge, 1930 :  A2009-009.2540

Steel Bridge, 1930 : A2009-009.2540


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12 thoughts on “The Number Man, 1930

  1. The large building on the left is the Allen & Lewis Block and was situated between Couch and Davis. The McCracken Block was on the next block to the North, but was irreparably damaged during construction of the harbor wall . The Zeta Psi building was directly across the street from the Allen & Lewis Block. The Allen & Lewis Block was demolished in the early 1940s to make way for Harbor Drive.

  2. Tad,

    When the harbor wall was constructed, one of the first things they did was excavate the area behind the buildings on the East side of front. Once the concrete wall was completed the area was then back-filled.

    Many of the buildings abutting what would become the harbor wall were built out on pilings over the river, had little in the way of riverbank as a buffer zone, or were physically attached to wharves built up on river pilings. As a result some of those buildings received significant structural damage as a result of the excavations and had to be pulled down entirely. Others that sustained damage were able to be repaired.

    I don’t have access to the Oregonian article at the moment, but I recall a story discussing payment by the city to owners of waterfront buildings for repairs for damage caused by the construction activities.

    Perhaps PARC will find and post pictures in the future of some of the damaged buildings.

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