OHSU, circa 1939

Today we have an aerial view of southwest Portland overlooking OHSU. In this aerial you can also see SW Terwilliger Blvd., SW Barbur Blvd., SW Farmington Rd., Marquam Nature Park, and the upper portion of Duniway Park containing the lilac gardens.

Aerial of SW overlooking OHSU, circa 1939 : A2001-045.443

Aerial of SW overlooking OHSU, circa 1939 : A2001-045.443


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12 thoughts on “OHSU, circa 1939

  1. You can see Slavin Rd, which bends into Capitol Hwy which then gracefully sweeps past the many dairy farms that dotted the hills of the area on its way to Multnomah. This is one of my favorite aerials of the west hills, especially of Northwood Rd, which seems to have been intended for development, but never occurred. Hillvilla, now the Chart House is in its same location. I believe you’re mistaking Farmington Rd for Beaverton Hwy. Thanks for posting.

  2. Great photo! This was a few years after Barbur Blvd replaced the old Southern Pacific railroad. Along with Slavin Road, which was effectively replaced by Barbur, you can clearly see the remainder of the old SP line which became Bertha Blvd., the old Oregon Electric rail line, which would be replaced by I-5 and Multnomah Blvd, and Capitol highway snaking through open farmland.

  3. Excellent find! If the picture was a little more to the southeast, I could probably see my old house off of Taylors Ferry Rd. & 2nd Ave.

  4. Isn’t this long before OHSU in Portland? Aren’t the buildings the old Multnomah County Hospital and the old VA buildings?

  5. I walk the Marquam Trail regularly, and along the Connor trail, just before you get to OHSU is a granite boundary marker… CB carved on top. Could that stand for City Boundary? I was unable to find any references to it. looking at this image it would be just above the Lilac Gardens.

  6. wl, I’ve seen that marker too. I tried to find out about it by searching info pertaining to benchmarks and came up with nothing. There is a current Multnomah county survey disc right on the trail, just a few feet from the “CB” monument. In the photo it looks as though some of the trails, including the Conner trail, were in existence in 1939. Anyone know some of the history of the area?

  7. This photo is great! You can see Capitol Highway winding past Multnomah School and through the Village, the old rail line running along what is now SW Bertha and then parallel to Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Hillsdale and the old Raz dairy near the site of Rieke and Wilson schools, Capitol Hill Road and the old store at the site of the new Safeway at Barbur, and more.

    More like this, please!

  8. That is so cool. And that explains why Bertha Blvd. has such a gentle grade with graceful curves. I had no idea that it continues parallel to Beaverton Hillsdale further northwest from Capital highway. In it’s time this rail line must have been the major way to get produce and major supplies back and forth from Washington county to Portland

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