18 thoughts on “The Psychedelic Market, 1969

  1. Big Brother Is Watching You. I used a magnifying glass in front of my computer screen to read the sign on the window! And I also enjoyed the reflections in there. What is that in the next store, a storefront church? The logo on the signs and the small sign at the bottom of the left window says Chapel on it, so I’m thinking church. What could have made that odd-shaped dent in the Oldsmobile there behind the headlight? Was this originally a case of two buildings joined together? Looks like the person with the bag is barefoot. What an interesting image–thanks!

  2. I use to live in the Lair Hill area and I have always been told that the are was a big hippie hang out including the park. Interesting though that the house on the right is still there as well the one reflected in the window across the street. I always thought the current house was originally there. It most have been moved ther after the market was demolished.

  3. “We have been closed by the City Council on a trumped up ******* that makes the USSR look like a Democratic Paradise. Think you’re safe? THINK TWICE Big brother is watching you”

  4. Magnifying glass wasn’t much help but I could read a little more it goes something like “We have been closed by the city council at a trumped up hearing – can’t read – the USSR not -can’t read – Democratic – can’t read – Do you think you’re safe? Think Twice – can’t read – Big Brother is Watching You.”

  5. The house on the site was brought there in 1978 or 79. As I recall the house was bought for 350.00 but I think it took something like 10,000.00 to move it. I worked in the area at the time and drove by there every day on my way to work.

  6. I had completely forgotten about that place. I was studying & working at PCC’s Failing campus at the time. In 1975 I lived on SW Whitaker & Barbur & the market was no longer there.
    You’re right, Todd. Lair Hill Park was a hangout & a psychedelic pharmacy.

  7. Dave: The market was closed on Thurs 6/6/1969 because it did not have a business license. The store sold trinkets, misc retail items and drug paraphernalia. Also, if you were looking to “score” before attending The Summer of Love or Woodstock, this was the place to go.

  8. Every city must have had one….or more. In Phoenix, AZ. in 1969 it was at Encanto Park that we would hang out and hippie on. A little psychedelic store was near by but I don’t remember much about it, I was too busy at the park. 🙂

  9. “No man, you mean he ran into too much REPRESSION, man” Tommy Chong from Santa Claus And His Old Lady.

  10. So interesting. I have lived in Lair Hill for 38 years (4th and Hooker) and don’t remember the Psychedelic Market. I always assumed that wonderful house had always been at that spot. I recently met a man (can’t remember who) that said he spent loads of time in Lair Hill Park in early 70’s as it was a huge hippy/drug hangout and there was always a picnic going on there.

  11. I wish to respond to Lynette’s question of 8-22-14. – The lower building next to the Psych. Supermrkt was “Merchants of Warm”. They would assist with food, clothing and other needs.

  12. Wasn’t it ( Psychedelic Supermarket) fire bombed? That’s what I recall being told, but I actually didn’t get to oregon until 1970.

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