Park Blocks, circa 1890

What a wonderful example of winter fashion from this time period! Here we have five girls playing in the snow in the Park Block area. This image was taken circa 1890.


Children with a sled in the Park Blocks, circa 1890 : A2004-002.1084

Children with a sled in the Park Blocks, circa 1890 : A2004-002.1084


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7 thoughts on “Park Blocks, circa 1890

  1. I’m guessing we are looking NW at the corner of Market or Clay and Park. I think the Italianate home (center right, behind tree) is the Jacobs-Dolph home. I’m going off memory because I can’t find my right reference book to check. Am I right?

  2. We might be able to glean the location from Donald R. Nelson’s photo history “South Park Blocks, a Neighborhood History.” Is that the reference book you’re hunting for, Dan?

  3. I was thinking of “Heritage Lost” but I do have your book somewhere too. All of those mansions are well documented. It wouldn’t take much to figure it out. I’m just at work now…gotta go. 🙂

  4. It’s a wonderful photo. My grandmother was born in Portland in 1892. So I find this peek into her childhood a great pleasure. Thanks for posting. The house my grandmother was born in is still standing – I believe the address is 5411 SE Woodstock. I used to walk by it every day on my way to Our Lady of Sorrows.

  5. Jim was correct that Nelson’s “South Park Blocks, a Neighborhood History” could help identify the photograph since it is the photo on the front cover! Dan S. was spot on, Nelson citation claims it is, “SW Park Avenue, between Market and Clay, ca. 1893, PARC A2004-002.1087[1]”

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