NE Broadway, 1929

Today was have another Number Man image. Here he is standing in front of The Sugar Bowl. To the right you see the Irvington Bakery. Before the street renumbering, the address for The Sugar Bowl was 678 E Broadway. The current address is 1916 NE Broadway.


The Sugar Bowl 1916 NE Broadway, 1929 : _A2009-009.3391

The Sugar Bowl 1916 NE Broadway, 1929 : _A2009-009.3391


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11 thoughts on “NE Broadway, 1929

  1. Could be off here but if the old system was 20 numbers per block would not the current address of this building be more like 33rd or so and NE Broadway. Where Albina Fuel used to be?

  2. Looking at the architectural and structural details, I wonder if this building didn’t start out as a fire station.

  3. I wonder if the number man bought some fresh bread at the bakery and has it tucked under his arm. I also wonder what the logo on the car door represents.

  4. @Mike: According to the official Portland street renumbering document 678 did indeed become 1916. This is pretty consistent with other east side streets too. For example, 680 E Burnside become 1902 E Burnside.

  5. I looked at 1914-16 NE Broadway.on Google maps and it is the same building only heavily remodeled. I then went to the city records and the building was built in 1913. Also I noticed the building to the west is noticeably both pictures. It’s address of record is a confusing 1624 NE 16th, even though today it has 3 storefronts facing Broadway.

  6. Also, there’s a “Cascarets” sign in the window, bottom right (pun not intended). Looked it up and found some comical laxative ads from the turn of the century.

  7. The logo on the car door appears to be that of Swift & Company, a meat processor. The logo is an “S” with an arrow through it.

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