Rosy the Elephant, 1953

Rosy the elephant came to live at the Portland Zoo in 1953. This photograph captured part of the ceremony that celebrated her arrival to the city. In this image we Rosy with the mayor at the time, Fred Peterson, in front of City Hall.


Peterson & Buckley with Rosy the Elephant at City Hall, 1935 : A2005-005.1330.12

Peterson & Buckley with Rosy the Elephant at City Hall, 1935 : A2005-005.1330.12


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11 thoughts on “Rosy the Elephant, 1953

  1. “We Rosy with the mayor.” That’s a nice (if inadvertent) coinage of a new term. I’m so going to use this.

    Rosying: v. (late English)
    1. The act of stopping to smell the flowers.


    Jim the Pedant

  2. Right, Dennis. It looks like platforms have come & returned several times.
    When we were in kindergarten (Arleta) we used to parade around the classroom in an elephant pose & sing “Rosy elephant, Rosy elephant, you live in a great big zoo. Rosy elephant, Rosy elephant, it’s fun to look at you.”

  3. I think the “platform” shoe in the photo probably was a prosthetic, the lady likely having been born with one leg shorter than the other or suffering polio complications. It seems like I used to see those sorts of shoes a lot more back in the fifties.

  4. Maybe prosthetic, But compare the height to scale of the building columns adjacent, I think she was less than 5′ tall without the shoes.

  5. So sad to see Packy still at the zoo instead of in a sanctuary – he’s very sick with TB and not doing well there and deserves to retire away from the crowds. Never been thrilled with the quality of the Oregon Zoo and am sickened at the loud zoo concerts that disrespect any chance of peace that the animals might have after the visitors leave.

  6. First off we are not talking about “Packy”. That’s “Rosy”. Secondly this was the culmination of a parade downtown to celebrate Rosy getting new quarters at the Washington park zoo. Parade took place on Sept. 19th. That’s Tommy Luke long time Portland florist on Peterson’s left.

  7. Ah ha ha. The dark haired guy (Buckley?) is smoking a cigarette. That would never happen today… In front of a kid, anyway… On film.

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