NE 36th Avenue, 1961

This image comes from the Public Works photo collection. This photograph was captured in the Concordia neighborhood in Northeast Portland. This specific block is on NE 36th Ave. between Holman St. and Ainsworth St. in 1961.


NE 36th between Ainsworth and Holman, 1961 : 8400-03

NE 36th between Ainsworth and Holman, 1961 : 8400-03


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8 thoughts on “NE 36th Avenue, 1961

  1. I don’t remember the streets having so many pot holes back then. But the proof is in the photo. Maybe that year’s winter was really bad.

  2. thanks Dan. looks like sometime along the years they decided the trees on the right were interfering with the power lines. Too bad so often people dont think about “limbing” the trees rather than topping or removing them.

  3. I wonder if the Columbus Day storm the following year had anything to do with the loss of trees; I didn’t live here, but had family in NE Portland and they lost several trees and all the trees in the parking strip.

  4. You might be right, Janet. I had a paper route when the Columbus Day storm hit and there were so many downed trees that I couldn’t even ride my bike through the mess. My route was in Irvington.

  5. The Columbus Day storm took out about 1\2 the trees in nearby Wilshire & Grant Parks. There were trees down everywhere. One thing that is almost never mentioned is the weather in the days following the storm was almost springlike fortunately. It would have been a lot worse if the weather had been stormy or cold.

  6. That’s right, Greg. With no electricity we ended up barbequing for the next few days. It was really mild.

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