Rocky Butte, circa 1948

Today we have an image of the Joseph Wood Hill Park, sent to us by David Lewis. This is an oblique aerial photograph of Rocky Butte, one of Portland’s most significant viewpoints. It is believed that this image was taken in June of 1948.

One wonders what has brought everyone to the summit. Possibly to view the flooding that took place that year. The view is looking southwest. Please click here for more information on the park.

Rocky Butte Viewpoint 1948 : David Lewis

Rocky Butte Viewpoint 1948 : David Lewis

12 thoughts on “Rocky Butte, circa 1948

  1. The views at Rocky Butte were much better before they let all the trees block the spectacular views, that we use to have from the roads and top.
    It had a popular motorcycle area east of the butte, near the jail.

  2. According to the photo credit this picture was taken from the Oregon Journal’s “Dragonfly” helicopter. Dan Haneckow has an informative article on the short and tragic history of Oregon’s first news eye in the sky.

  3. According to the June 15. 1948 issue of The Oregonian an eleven year old Seattle girl lost her life after falling off a cliff while viewing the flood waters of the Willamette and Columbia rivers.
    Following the accident Sheriff Martin Pratt announcing viewing of the flood waters from Rocky Butte would no longer be permitted due to dangerous traffic jams and the possibility of spectators suffering injuries from falls.

  4. There was a YMCA day camp on the east side in the 50’s & 60’s. When I went there we either climbed to the top or hiked over to the Grotto every day. We were a bunch of fit little kids.The view was a lot better then.

  5. @ Brian:

    I think in 2011 the City did a tree trimming on Council Crest to restore the views. Haven’t been to Council Crest in many years to know if the results were what was anticipated.

    Maybe Rocky Butte needs the same treatment.

  6. I was near Council Crest park (about 2 blocks away) a couple months ago and asked the home owners how they kept their views.
    They said they bought the property below them and trimmed the trees.

    Their view was spectacular with trees in the background and below them, not blocking the view.

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