Jos T. Harris Grocery, 1930

Here we have an outstanding interior view of a grocery store in the 1930s. The Jos T. Harris Grocery Store was located at 3402 SE Division Street.

Interior view of Jos T. Harris Grocery   3402 SE Division, 1930 : A2008-001.66

Interior view of Jos T. Harris Grocery 3402 SE Division, 1930 : A2008-001.66

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9 thoughts on “Jos T. Harris Grocery, 1930

  1. When I was a kid in the 50s there was a store like that on the corner of SE 65th & Reedway. It was operating in the front of an old woman’s house. Her products were stacked the same & she used a grip at the end of a pole to get things from the top shelves. She also had large rolls of wrapping paper & spools of twine to wrap the purchases. No bags.
    There used to be a lot of ‘Mom & Pop” groceries in the city in the 50s & early 60s.

  2. Actually, that address covers both Anders Printing and Lauretta Jean’s (btw, they make some of the best pie and biscuits in town, give ’em a try). There is an internal connecting door that was left between the two businesses on the ground floor – LJ’s coffee/cream/sugar/cups/water/napkins set up is in front of it. There is no second floor above LJ’s, just over Anders, and that plus the renovations to the outside of the building make it look like two separate buildings…but it isn’t.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but would 3402 SE Division have been a valid address in 1930? Wasn’t the second great renumbering in 1932-3? And I thought about the outer address zone, but that was everything south of Division AND east of 42nd Ave. So either the address is the modern version to help us find the place, or 1930 is wrong. Otherwise, it would be something like 1020 SE Division.

    Side note, how odd would it have been to drive along Division (or any street south of there) and see the address 1176. Then go the next block and see 4202!

  4. Nancy, Safeway was in the Vaughn store at 2736. Their store at 2045 Division was replaced by 3016 the early 40’s.

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