SE Union Ave and Washington, 1932

Today’s photograph was taken at the intersection of Union Ave (MLK) and Washington St. The men in the middle of the intersection are repairing the sewer. In the background you can see “H. Smith Produce,” and “Whitely and Clark Co.” stores.

SE Union and Washington St., 1931 : A2000-025.277

SE Union and Washington St., 1932 : A2000-025.277

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9 thoughts on “SE Union Ave and Washington, 1932

  1. One block up on Grand, some of old East Portland’s most distinctive commercial architecture still remains. Grand, after all, was one of, if not the main street of East Portland’s downtown. In addition to the Logus Block mentioned by Val, there is also the Schleifer Furniture Building and the fantastic wedding cake of the Barber Block. Further South on Grand is the current home of the Architectural Heritage Center, in West’s Block (part of the Nathaniel West buildings on the same block). I recommend stopping in to see their exhibits.

    In fact the area bounded by MLK & 7th on the East and West axis and Ankeny and Main on the North South axis has been designated the “East Portland Grand Avenue Historic District.”

    Most of the area has evolved from commercial to industrial use, but on a temperate day this rectangle makes for a nice walk (with some detouring around the Morrison Bridge on/off ramps).

  2. Just a comment on my prior comment. I make my living working on the infrastructure of this city, and was only a joke comparing then and now and my current activities….apologies to the 16 thumbs down if it was taken wrong.

  3. What a beautiful building on the corner behind with H. Smith Produce and the large cathedral style windows. Replaced later by a parking lot. How on earth does that happen?

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