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Here we see houses getting moved to make way for the construction of the Minnesota Freeway. In a previous post you helped us locate an intersection for a similar image. We know that this image was taken at N. Vancouver Avenue, but can anyone help us identify the cross street. The lack of landmarks in the photograph makes it difficult to pinpoint the location.

N Vancouver Ave house moving, circa 1963 : A2005-001.684

N Vancouver Ave house moving, circa 1963 : A2005-001.684

FOUND: N Vancouver Ave. and N Lombard St.

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  1. Mike D. is right. The house closest to the gas station is identical to the house next to the Meineke shop, and the shop is on an extra long corner lot just like the Chevron station (see cars parked in the lot beyond the station). Definitely Lombard.

  2. My husband who is 57, grew up on N Kerby Ave. His grandpa would take him and his little brother for a walk to see the houses being moved for the new freeway. He also recalls Minnesota Ave being dug out. Although very young at the time, he has strong recollections of the experience.

  3. Notice the ridge board coming off the front of the house, over the cab of the truck. I assume that is to slide under power and phonelines?

  4. Agree with everyone on the location of Lombard/Vancouver Ave. I grew up on the corner of Portland Blvd/Vancouver so know the area well. Also recall with many houses being moved via Portland Blvd. Some ended up down on Lombard (Portland Ave.) around NE 20th.

  5. It’s Lombard. It’s real geeky how I figured it out, but look at the Google Street View of the intersection looking west. There are two sets of power lines that seem to be angled to cross the street at that intersection and they are still at the same location.

  6. The updated comment below the photo says “…looking east”, but it is actually looking west, isn’t it?

  7. Nice catch noticing the power lines running at an angle across the street — they are still there!

    And yes, TomK is right, the view is looking west, not east.

  8. We were cleaning out Shepler Refrigeration’s attic and I came across a 24″ x 30″ framed pic of Ed’s Market, pre strip mall west end. I wish I kept a copy. I just gave it to the current owner. there were about 10 more for various stores around Portland.

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