Swan Island and Mocks Bottom, 1935

Today we have an aerial of the airport on Swan Island and Mocks Bottom. This images was taken on February 7, 1935. You get a great view of the Swan Island Airport, Mocks Bottom, and the oil company docks in Northwest Portland.

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 :  A2005-005 1397.2

Swan Island Airport and Mocks Bottom, Feb. 7, !935 : A2005-005 1397.2


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10 thoughts on “Swan Island and Mocks Bottom, 1935

  1. Beautiful documentation of Mock’s Bottom before industrialization. Early Portlanders found these wetlands to be a great place for duck hunting.

  2. The train that goes underneath University Park and pops out into Mocks Bottom was there in 1935! What a feat of engineering that must’ve been to build that tunnel.

  3. I found an Oregonian article awhile back showing John Mocks house just after it was built. I think the cost was 10,000.

  4. What a great picture!! I don’t know what that building on the far left would be on Waud’s Bluff… that would be the University of Portland, but I don’t recall seeing that building before.

  5. Question: top right in the image appears to be a fuel tank, and just north of that: is that Jefferson High School?

  6. The reason I’m asking: I live directly south of Jefferson High, and according to old maps there was a 1.25 million cubic foot coal gas storage tank located in what is now the Jefferson south playing field (south of Alberta). I’d love to see a photograph of that tank.

  7. I was a full time college student with a deferment from the draft. However in 1968 the rules changed. Not wanting to get drafted and sent to Viet Nam, I joined the naval reserve. I was obligated to 2 yrs of active service at that point, but assumed I would be in the fleet on a vessel. Well the joke was on me because in April of 1969 I started my active duty and was sent to DaNang Viet Nam, and spent a year on a river patrol boat. However I digress. At that time The naval reserve center was housed in what was originally the Kaiser shipyard day care center for the children of the employees. It was a large one story building that if memory serves me was pentagon in shape and was located at the end of the lagoon in the upper right hand corner of this picture ( not yet in existence when this picture was taken) . It also had a full size gymnasium which was employed for close order drill and various ceremonies. Moreover we had a functioing destroyer escort ( the USS Whitehurst, which was the vessel used in the filming of the movie “the enemy below”) and a WWII submarine, the USS Loggerhead. This is all long gone now due to the vast development of swan Island. I would love to know if anyone has a photo showing the old building.

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