Kennedy School, 1981

The Kennedy Elementary School opened its doors in 1915, and operated as a school until the mid-1970s. The building is located at 5736 NE 33rd Ave. In this 1981 image we are seeing the west side of the building.

Kennedy School 5736 NE 33rd, June 23, 1981 : 7706-09

Kennedy School 5736 NE 33rd, June 23, 1981 : 7706-09

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16 thoughts on “Kennedy School, 1981

  1. We all should thank the McMenamin’s brothers for saving some cool buildings. The old High School on 10th and Stark would be a perfect addition for them to convert into a Hotel. Close to down town. Ample grass space for events.

    At least someone else is doing something with the old school.

  2. God bless the McMenamin Bros!!! Could you imagine the apartment building that could stand here today a la 80’s style. Eeeesh!

  3. This is the challenge we were presented when they renovated the building. Involved in the design team, I provided the landscape design to convert this into what they have today, in their own style. I am proud that it exceeded our (almost doubtful at the time) expectations this many years later – a cool getaway with a character of its own, glorifying the architecture while not forgetting its past as a school that my father and grandmother attended. (She’s the little girl with the hair bow on the right in the May pole picture hanging in the hallway.) Thanks for the post.

  4. How prescient to have opened as the Kennedy school two years before the president’s birth! But seriously, what’s the history of the school’s name?

  5. It was put back into service for a year or two in the early eighties. That’s when they gutted Beaumont’s auditorium to make a new library and they moved all of the kids to the “old” Kennedy School during construction. My sister was one of them.

  6. The school was built in 1915. The land for the school was sold by John Daniel Kennedy to the Portland School District in 1913.

  7. I attended kindergarten and first grade in the early 70’s as the school closed. I then moved on to another local school, Faubian. I’ve been back once as an adult and wandered the halls, Its amazing how good the McMenamin Brothers have kept up the building.

  8. My “year or two” comment was actually only half of a school year but it was around the time this photo was taken.

  9. Funny how you can never mention anything even tangentially related to beer on the internet without attracting at least a couple beer-snob posts. 🙂

  10. Brian, I’m not getting your comment. Aside from the comment from “Elliot,” all I see in the comment section is gratitude from local preservationists to McMenamins for saving and preserving this bit of Portland history.

    For the record, the Widmer brothers also deserve kudos for following in the footsteps of the McMenamins’ franchise and preserving in the surviving architecture of their complex in inner North Portland.

    Deschutes Brewery and others have also taken up residence in formerly at risk properties in the Pearl, thereby saving those “outdated buildings” from the developer’s zeal.

    ALL of the local businesses, brewery or not, that took a chance on setting up shop in a vulnerable historic building spaces deserve our appreciation.

  11. My dad, George Raab, went to UP with Bob McMenamin, Mike and Randy’s father. My dad always called him “Mike” (a nickname that made him sound more Irish?) and Bob liked the moniker so much he gave the name Mike to one of his sons. I have a photo of the brothers at our house for Christmas in the late 50’s or early 60’s. Maybe I’ll trade it for a Hammer Head…

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