Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905

In previous post we saw a wonderful map, an illustration, and a beautiful hand tinted photograph of the Lewis and Clark Exposition. Today we are looking at a photograph from the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition Esplanade taken in 1905. The Exposition was located in the Northwest Portland/Guild’s Lake area.

Lewis and Clark Exposition Esplanade 1905 : A2004-002.1001

Lewis and Clark Exposition Esplanade 1905 : A2004-002.1001

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5 thoughts on “Lewis and Clark Exposition, 1905

  1. Hundreds of acres of swamp reclaimed for the expo and later for industrial use. I see nothing disgusting about this as stated in a previous comment.

  2. I agree with the second comment. I pretty amazing what they did given the tools and tech they had to work with. I have always wondered what the buildings looked like up close?

  3. It’s fun to imagine this place as a cultural and entertainment district if it had survived (which, of course, it was not meant to). Here’s how I imagine the breakdown of current Portland institutions in the older exhibit buildings.

    Manufacturing, Electrical, Mining and Auditorium buildings: OMSI

    European Palace: Portland Center for the Performing Arts

    Oriental Palace: Portland Art Museum with the surrounding California, Oregon and Massachusetts buildings hosting traveling art exhibitions.

    Government Building: Oregon Historical Society

    Forestry Building: Forestry Center (of course)

    The State Pavilions closer to the banks of the lake could house Fire and Police museums (with firefighting demonstrations a la the Rose Parage).

    The Trail: a modern amusement park

    Agricultural Palace: Restaurants and bars featuring local craft breweries, wineries and distilleries (it would probably become known as “Booze Hall”)

    Dragon boat races on the lake.

    I know I haven’t included the zoo, but I kind of like its current location at Washington Park (and it already existed at a different location in Washington Park at the time of the exposition).

    I basically see the exposition site as fulfilling a function similar to Chicago’s Grant/Millennium parks.d

    Alas, it was not meant, nor very likely, to have been.

  4. Edit: parage = parade. I’ve apparently already spent too much time in the Booze Hall of my imagination.

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