Eastmoreland, 1923

Today’s photograph features a more rural setting. You may not recognize the area from this picture, but this is what SE 28th near Eastmoreland looked like back in 1923. It’s amazing to see how the area transformed over the years.


SE 28th Ave. near Eastmoreland, 1923 : A2009-009.292

SE 28th Ave. near Eastmoreland, 1923 : A2009-009.292

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  1. I’m sure there will be a lot of repeats to come. It likely can’t be helped, unless the new administrator was a fan of VP and spent HOURS UPON HOURS scrolling through each and every photo when they should have been outside gardening, or going out with friends, or even on a bike ride, but no, they couldn’t help but sit at home to spend entire evenings fascinated and borderline obsessed with every damn photo on this site…ahem…I think I said too much.

  2. I’ve been a fan of this site for two or three years and I still haven’t seen everything that’s been posted, so I totally understand the repeat postings of the new moderator. Revisiting local history is never a bad idea.

  3. What part of” I’m not complaining” don’t you guys get? For a lot of us this is the first thing we look at in the morning so we are brimming with anticipation and experience a bit of a let down when we see the same photo again.

  4. With the Oct. posting of this shot, I checked the Google Earth images and it reviled that the house (with the red roof) at the bend in the road is still standing. There was a group of people standing on the side porch, to the north, but they seem to be gone now. Is that a grave marker at the start of the driveway near the bridge? (5607 SE 28th. Ave.) Thanks for the great image of the past.

  5. I think this is the same picture but clearer. Thanks for posting all of these and you are doing a great service for us all.

  6. I never thought there would be so many negative responses just because I pointed out a repeat posting. 5 thumbs down, are you kidding?

    Didn’t someone need to point it out, so they would know?

  7. I suppose the photo’s are limited pre-197
    0,s. I’m just thankful someone took the time to take them and submit them. Maybe the COMPLAINER’S should submit your own photo’s or start looking through shop’s that might have something that would be applicable.

  8. And by the way< did anyone else notice what a sleek cement job on the road? We couldn't duplicate such awesome work in today's society of RIGHT NOW CHEAP SHIT!

  9. When zoomed way in, one can see the driver of the vehicle. The car doesn’t appear to be in motion, and with the fact that the driver appears to be looking direcey At the camera, I’m guessing the phitogropher was a

  10. When zoomed way in, one can see the driver of the vehicle who appears to be looking directly at the camera. I’m guessing the photographer was a passenger in the vehicle. A beautiful photo, regardless of how many times we see it

  11. Someone is having too much fun, playing with their thumb.

    I’m enjoying all activity over nothing.

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