N Jersey St. & N Richmond, 1932

Today we have an image of the “number man” documenting the corner of N. Jersey Street and N. Richmond Avenue while getting some shade from the awning at The Harmony Dance Hall in St. Johns

N Jersey St. and N Richmond Ave. circa 1932 : A2009-009.2603

N Jersey St. and N Richmond Ave. circa 1932 : A2009-009.2603

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13 thoughts on “N Jersey St. & N Richmond, 1932

  1. I’m wondering if staff at PARC has been able to find the corresponding ledgers that presumably were created at the same time as the photo, that link the photo numbers to the location, project, date, etc.

  2. This one seems fairly obvious unless I misunderstand it. At the far left of the picture, almost cut off is a street sign pointing to Portland and Linnton (among others). This intersection (as today) appears to be a long standing route of Fed 30 (State Hwy 2). Note the paved road vs. the dirt road. According to tax maps Richmond has never been widened but was platted at 70′ wide making it a better choice for running lots of traffic on.

    If I recall, 1931-3 is when many state secondary highways were legislated and created. Perhaps the primaries also got a facelift?

  3. Can anyone confirm that this was the 1932 location of Currin’s Drugs? City of Portland Archives photo A2008-001.26 (circa 1931) has their location at Philadelphia Ave. and Lombard (Jersey) St.

  4. Jim Swart,

    The building featured in today’s post was at Richmond and Jersey and was not the location of Currin’s Drugs. PARC has provided links to related VP entries, one of which goes to the entry for Currin’s Drugs at Philadelphia and Jersey (Lombard).

    I hope this answers your question.

  5. While we have seen this photo before this version is sharper. Thanks for the clarification about Currin’s Drugs.

  6. Remember, we are in a transitional phase. So let’s all 🙂 and be grateful the site will carry on.

  7. Jay, it absolutely is still there and in good shape. I walk near it every day on my way home from work.

  8. It is possible that at one point there was a corresponding ledger or project documentation that linked the numbers to locations. Unfortunately, over the years, no ledger or specific documentation made it to the archives.

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