Portland Aerial, c1926

The Portland of circa 1926 is familiar to us today but oh, so many changes! All of our downtown river crossings were in place, including a new Burnside Bridge. It would be another three-quarters of a century before all the rails in Northwest would be ripped up to create the Pearl District. The west side seawall was only a few years from realization, and the relentless march of the bulldozers had yet to create the patchwork of surface parking lots that in many cases still exist. On the east side, the riverfront was still highly industrial, Albina was untouched, and it would be decades before freeways cut off much of this area from the river.

A2004-002.73 Portland from the Air c1926(City of Portland Archives)

3 thoughts on “Portland Aerial, c1926

  1. First view I have seen of the SP&S team tracks that paralleled SE Union Ave for 4 blocks. The southern ladder tracks are partially obscured by the label.Is that a small engine house at the NE corner does anyone know.
    Great selection of industrial scenes the past few days. Thank you. Lots to ponder.

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