SW Barbur Blvd & Lowell, 1949

We’ve seen this location before in a photo from 1933. At that time the houses closest to SW Barbur Blvd at Lowell Street were being moved to make way for road construction. This photo shows the same perspective, with earlier houses long gone and further removal of hillside material, probably to construct the underpass to connect Harbor Drive with Barbur. It looks much the same today except for vegetation growth over the years.

A2005-005.55.3 SW Barbur Blvd West to houses 1949(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “SW Barbur Blvd & Lowell, 1949

  1. My understanding is that where the white guardrail is and uphill from there is still designated as the Lowell Street right-of-way, even though it will probably never see any traffic.

  2. Based on the sky I’m betting this is a winter shot and the truck is there to scoop up a minor landslide created by the the 1930’s era slope cut….

  3. Just a note – the deciduous trees are in full leaf as well as the rose on the trellises. I think that this shot is probably is about this time of year….one of these cloudy May-June mornings I’m seeing out the window right now.

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