SW Broadway & Columbia, 1950

SW Broadway downtown was a one-way street until it reached Columbia Street in 1950 (here looking north). South of here Broadway was still two-way. A little more discussion about changing to a one-way grid is here in this earlier post.

A2005-001.99 SW Broadway and Columbia north 1950(City of Portland Archives)

8 thoughts on “SW Broadway & Columbia, 1950

  1. A blend of the old, the new and the yet to be demolished. The same scene today has old new, the new, the restored and the moved restored(Ladd Carriage House).

  2. The old:
    Left side: Ladd Carriage House (restored, moved and replaced), Sovereign Hotel and Paramount Theater (restored as Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall) and New Heathman Hotel.
    Right Side: Gus J. Solomon Courthouse, Jackson Tower and Meier & Frank.

    The new:
    Right side: New Oregonian Building that replaced the original at 6th and Alder.

    Yet to be demolished:
    Left side: Rose Friends Apartments (replaced by Ladd Tower – 2009), Mayfair Theater (later Fox Theater replaced by Fox Tower in 1990s), Orpheum Theater and Royal Building (replaced by Nordstrom’s in the 1970s).

    Right side: Building between The Oregonian and the Courthouse replaced by a parking lot, Broadway Theater (demolished in late 1980s and replaced by Broadway Building aka Ban Roll-On Building, and the YWCA Building.

  3. Actually, there IS a building on the right side (east side) of Broadway between the Oregonian and the Courthouse. It was built by Edris Morrison Studios, designed by Pietro Belluschi and is still there!

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