NE Union Avenue, 1929

It’s hard to believe anything on this bit of NE Union Avenue could still be standing but the little shop on the right, with the distinctive facade, is still on the east side of Martin Luther King Blvd., just south of Shaver Street.

A2009-009.1006 3962-3970 NE Union 1929(City of Portland Archives)

14 thoughts on “NE Union Avenue, 1929

  1. @Laura: It’s clearly a solar panel. 🙂 However, someone should tell them it needs to face south…

  2. au contraire,this building is soon to be,if not already demolished.apparently being 113 yrs old is not enough to be
    historic. apartments above more sterile retail space,anyone?

  3. A sad fate, I remember it as the Burger Barn the place of the infamous Possum Incident. On another note, has anybody noticed the lack of handrails on stairs in this and many other pictures?

  4. I had a paper route for the short-lived Portland Reporter that covered Union from Fremont to Broadway & remember all the businesses that were thriving at that time. It was about 1962-63 . My favorite places were the donut & candy shops.

  5. Amazing. i remember getting burritos there in the early 2000’s when it was “La Fonda”. I really wonder what stroke of randomness spared this little building, when so many much nicer and bigger buildings get scrapped.

  6. Burger Barn. Interesting Place. We knew it because we were the Whirlpool ice machine rep. Tech found stuff in the ice, and it also was ice

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