SE Foster Rd & 52nd, 1937

Here’s another look at SE Foster Road at 52nd Avenue, this time looking east down the south side of Foster. It appears all the commercial buildings have changed over the years but the residences along 52nd are still in place. Today’s hot rod builders would probably go nuts over the original parts in the Foster Road Auto Wreckers building.

A2005-001.201 SE Foster Rd at 52nd southeast 1937(City of Portland Archives)

4 thoughts on “SE Foster Rd & 52nd, 1937

  1. Your right! I would go nuts over all those perfect parts! A BIG thanks to Mike D for yesterday’s “Merle” post, never heard that one. New favorite

  2. That must be the forerunner to line 71 before trimet. I’ve spent a lot of time waiting on that bus in the exact same spot as the bus in the picture.

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